We always had a clear idea of what paradise means to us. And with the time and growth we found our paradise in what we do, with the people we love, and we call it the paradise club. Because of this meaning for us, the paradise club is one of our faves.

The print is white on a grey hoodie and the organic cotton is super comfortable and soft to the skin. The hoodie has the perfect oversized and ultimate comfort with our JOSEPH ATELIER logo at the front. All our garments are made out of combed organic cotton and are sustainable screen printed in Berlin

paradise club hoodie

89,00 €Preis
  • Wear often, wash less for a happy environment.

    To prolong the lifetime of the garments and to protect the environment, please always make sure that your clothes are washed gently.

    In case of "heavy" stains, we recommend a professional cleaning.

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